Clubbing Rules

All set to party at a nightclub but not sure how to dress up for the night or what rules to follow while visiting one? We help you decode the rules to follow while hitting a nightclub.

Appearance matters

To secure an entry into a nightclub, appearance does matter. Most nightclubs do not allow ‘inappropriate’ footwear, that include sneakers, floaters and flip flops. “Women dressed in saris and traditional clothes are also not allowed inside clubs,” says nightclub owner Mohit Jain. Even denims can ban you from a nightclub. “It is a myth that faded jeans are in vogue and can be worn to a nightclub. Jeans, especially faded ones, are a big no. Also team up your dresses with heels,” says designer Anupama Dayal. “Men can mix and match their stuff in the wardrobe. Ideally, a cool jacket with square prints would do. You can also experiment with different kinds of bow and ties. Do not wear bell-bottoms and printed shirts at any cost,” warns designer Nikhil Mehra, adding, “Guys can also pair their formal white shirt with formal trousers and a bow.”

Follow the rules

Make sure you follow all the rules of the nightclub, lest you get thrown out of the club. “Every nightclub has a set of rules and if one doesn’t follow them, then we have every right to ask that person to leave immediately. For instance, you cannot smoke on the dance floor. There are designated places where one can smoke,” says Jain. “Drunken clubbers can often be a nuisance for other guests. If they misbehave with other clubbers or staff, they are escorted out of the venue immediately. So drink and behave responsibly when you go out clubbing,” says Jain.

Also, while you have every right to ask for your choice of music to be played, you should not harass the DJ to play it immediately. “It’s always good if somebody comes up with a dedication, but people should not be stubborn about it, and insist on playing it at that very moment. Not all songs work for a party. A big no-no for those who flaunt their power for playing a song that actually doesn’t work,” says DJ Kary.

Get it right

  • Dress up. Slouchy and unkempt appearance won’t get you an entry.
  • Flip flops, sneakers and floaters are not allowed inside.
  • It is always good to leave a tip for the bathroom attendant.
  • Do not try to gain direct entry to the DJ console.
  • Wait for your turn at the bar. Do not break the queue to get to the bartender.
  • Stags are not allowed in most of the clubs. So, find out before heading to the club.
  • Make sure you follow all the rules written at the entrance of the club you plan to visit.