DIY Nesting Dolls That Will Improve Your Craft

The gift in the form of a doll has a very long history, by which one can trace the evolution of this toy. Adventurous parents, in order to entertain the child, made a figurine from a bunch of simple straw, more skillful – hollowed out pieces of wood, and talented – also painted it with improvised paints. Over time, hand-made dolls made of wood and painted dolls took up a whole new trend in the national craft industry. To date, such a Russian doll has become a truly artistic work, thanks to the fine and painstaking work of the masters. That is why, choosing a decent souvenir, often opt for handmade dolls.

Huge selection – search convenience

In the online store of Russian souvenirs for themselves will find an attractive little thing and avid collectors, and those who need a beautiful and meaningful gift. Handmade dolls are interesting in a variety of designs:

  • wooden dolls;
  • porcelain dolls;
  • Dymkovo pupae;
  • Kovrov pupae;
  • gift dolls.

Although, each of them can be a gift. It all depends on taste and preferences. Give your child a bright twelve centimeter baby and see how happy his eyes will shine.

Russian doll – sincerity

In the handmade wooden doll, the natural energy accumulated by the wood and the spiritual warmth invested by the craftsmen in the toy during its manufacture are combined. Due to this, painted pupae so attract the eye, cause positive emotions and a desire not to part with them.

The Russian doll demonstrates the skill and talent of folk craftsmen who are able to create a living, bright and unique beauty from a piece of wood and paint. The painted kokoshnik and sundress are characteristic details of the national costume, transforming into a Russian doll souvenir.

Presented in the catalog Russian wooden dolls will be a good gift for a variety of occasions:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • New Year
  • meeting guests from abroad
  • A visit to a familiar collector

In addition, the range of Russian dolls allows you to make an original gift. For example, at the end of kindergarten, a child can be given a colorful pupa as a souvenir. And to the chief, the avid hunter to present a picturesque figure of a bear. Your gift will undoubtedly bring joy and smiles, followed by happiness and luck. You can find that perfect gift of nesting dolls that everyone will love at

The soul of the culture of the Russian people is reflected in wooden toys

Which are made mainly in such territorial zones of Russia as the Volga region, the Moscow region and the North.

Wooden toys not only symbolize the kindness and amazing warmth of the culture of the ancient Russian people, but are also made of environmentally friendly material. Tactile sensations from wooden toys have preventive properties, as well as the essential oils contained in the layers of wood? have a therapeutic effect and have a beneficial effect not only on the child who plays with this thing, but also on the atmosphere of the apartment, by evaporating the wood.

The symbol of Russia is the nested doll

Nesting dolls were made by artistic cutting from such types of wood as birch and linden, and then painted in bright colors. When creating a set of this toy formed whole families.

The painting of dolls both in our and in former times was distinguished by the brightness of colors and the vividness of life.

In the history of Russian folk art crafts, the dimensions of wooden toys were not limited to miniature products, as evidenced by the children’s rocking horses in the shape of a horse attached to arc-shaped wooden slats.

Bogorodskoye, the village famous for doll woodcarvers, which subtly sensed the era, invent toys that convey images of people and animals, thereby reflecting the urban and rural life. Bogorodsk masters to this day continue their work, creating wooden toys, preserving the technology of artistic folk crafts. There is an opinion that a joyful childhood is the key to harmony for later life, with what wooden toys that embody the ancient culture of Russia will help us.

The Featurer of the Doll

The doll is one of the first toys of antiquity. But time does not affect her: she is still loved by both children and adults.

The folk doll embodies in its image the characteristic features of the people who created it – this is the main value of the ancient doll. An ancient doll at first glance is simple and unpretentious. But in this seeming simplicity many secrets and mysteries are hidden.

  • In ancient times, the dolls also served as ritual symbols and amulets. It was believed that they protected the person from evil forces and diseases, brought rich harvests, well-being, happiness.
  • Wooden dolls are close to the traditions of pagan culture, they resemble wooden idols.
  • In Moscow, the largest production of wooden toys was SergievPosad. As early as the 15th century in the Trinity-SergiusLavra monks was engaged in wood turning and carving on it.
  • According to legend, the first wooden toys in the Lavra were made by the abbot himself, Sergius of Radonezh, and gave them to the children of pilgrims.
  • Toys from the Trinity Monastery were also brought to the royal court. At one time, toys that amused peasant and royal children, came out of the same workshops.
  • Wooden dolls were made of triangular logs. If they were intended to protect, then they were not cut facial features.
  • In the northern regions of Russia up to the 19th century, the Old Russian way of life and the early ways of wood processing were built. There were the most ancient wooden toys – punks. The word punk comes from the word pung, meaning stem, root.

These toys were made from a single piece of wood. Presumably, they were the descendants of the wooden gods, who were in every house in Ancient Russia.

One of the features of punks is the sketchiness of their forms. They were meant for small children. Looking at this toy, the kid fantasized. For example, an image of a horse one day was seen by him as a heroic horse, on another a simple peasant horse.

Punk doll girls were dressed up in clothes with elements of folk costumes.

Ancient punk dolls also served as charms. In such cases, the features of the face were not cut out, or only slightly outlined, so that evil spirits could not dwell in them.

Nowadays, wooden pitches are made by Igor AleksandrovichSapunkov, master of a wooden turning toy. He lives near Rostov the Great. In his work on making toys his wife Irina helps.

The wooden men of Sapunkov are not similar to each other: each of them has an individual look, in each toy the masters put a piece of spiritual warmth and love for the folk traditions.