How Balance Bracelets Work And Why Are They Popular

Balance Bracelet, How to work with it properly

Power Balance bracelets appeared on the market not particularly long ago, but they have already managed to divide people according to reviews on two fronts, some enjoy using the bracelet in everyday life, others are extremely skeptical of them and consider them pseudo, scientific. If you belong to the first category of people or just want to try what it is, you will be interested to learn about these bracelets a little more. Here you can find how do balance bracelets work.

Bracelet Features

Before you figure out how much to wear Power Balance, how to wear this bracelet to match your outfit and so on, you need to understand what is interesting about this device, what are its main characteristics and so on.

At its core, this is a bracelet, which is made of silicone and has two holograms at its core. Why precisely from silicone? Because it is a special medical silicone that does not cause allergies, has no contraindications, and does not provoke irritations and other skin problems. The hologram is the main part of the bracelet. It is the hologram that launches it into action, and does it at a distance of 6 cm. You put on a bracelet, after which you feel a surge of energy and improvement of your own condition

How to pick up

It is important not only to understand how to wear Power Balance, it is important to understand and how to choose it. There are two main selection criteria, size and color. These characteristics will not affect the overall effect of the Power Balance bracelet, but they can affect the wearing comfort drastically, but you do not want something that should improve your condition, bring you discomfort or not fit with your style.

How to wear

We turn to the main part, after you bought Power Balance, how to carry it properly is very important to understand. Here it is important to adhere to several basic principles,

  • It doesn’t matter which arm you wear the effects will be the same.
  • You can wear bracelets at least in the pool, even during your active activities; do not be afraid to damage the device.
  • If you wear a device with a watch, wear it so that it does not fit each other.
  • If you bought Power Balance, but do not know how much to wear it, then everything is simple , there are no serious restrictions, you can wear it every day, moreover, it is recommended to improve the effect on the body.

There is nothing problematic in dealing with Power Balance, how to wear it and what to expect from it, but if you still cannot understand it. you can always find a video with instructions. Reading or hearing reviews from people who are personally acquainted with the power balance bracelet will also not be superfluous.


Reviews, as mentioned earlier, on these bracelets vary greatly. Some people note a positive effect on the body, while others attribute this positive effect to the placebo effect, because there is still no scientific confirmation of the work of bracelets. But, whatever the cause of the impact, even if it is a placebo, the effect, not the cause, is important; therefore these bracelets are so popular among the population.


The bracelet will serve you for at least three years, so do not take care of it like the apple of an eye, on the contrary, more often arrange active attacks with it. The impact of the bracelet in conjunction with other accessories has not yet been studied, so combine it with other jewelry at your own risk.

The Power Balance bracelet is another new product offered by American manufacturers of beauty and health products. Like all innovative things, it has many amazing advantages,

  • Bracelet replenishes energy spent by a person and heals.
  • If you don’t feel a change for the better for yourself, then you certainly won’t be able to harm your health, because not taken as a pill inside and not applied externally as an ointment.
  • Bracelet Power Balance looks beautiful and stylish in sports.
  • Very easy to use, enough to wear an item on the wrist, and more.

Let’s try to more fully appreciate the beauty of the Power Balance in this review.

Where to buy a Balance bracelet?

The original bracelet can be ordered through the official website of bracelet sellers. The price, in USA is 1,690 dollars onwards. For alluring and tantalizing bracelet collection visit

What is a silicone bracelet Power Balance?

It looks like a stylish item on the wrist. There are many variants of its execution, as different colors, sizes, so different in design. The main thing in this product is a holographic disk. The manufacturer claims that it encloses the energy technology of the embedded waves.

What does this mean? Special technology called Performance Technology was developed in America in 2007. This invention was secret and applied exclusively to athletes. This allowed them to quickly replenish the energy expended in wrestling and achieve the best results. The developers, Josh and Troy Rodremel, argue that all power is in properly selected mineral stones, a kind of symbiosis of innovation and natural resources. Enclosed in a silicone shell and interacting with the human body, in the form of the finest polyester holograms, they regulate and normalize your energy field, making life much easier for the wearer.

The beneficial effect of Power Balance on the body is manifested in maintaining health and getting rid of ailments (even chronic), create the right balance of energies, will not allow stress and depressive effects. Those who are afraid of new products, and are waiting for their approbation on other members of society, report, such celebrities as footballers Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, actors Robert De Niro and Leonardo Di Caprio, our hockey player Ovechkin, and many well-known people are seen in Power Balance accessories.