Silver Bracelets: The most in trend jewelry

Sterling Silver Bracelets are one of the most popular metals in the world, discovered in antiquity. Centuries ago, it was worth more than gold, since pure silver metal alloy was valued in the market because of its rarity. But, over time, people began to dilute the substance with other impurities. Therefore, now there are enough samples of this substance.

Where did the name “sterling silver” come from, what is it? There are the following versions of the origin of the name. According to the first, the metal was so named because of the pound sterling, which was used in everyday life in the middle Ages. In the middle of the 12th century, the king of England, Heinrich 8, issued a decree according to which a coin made of 925 sterling silver came into use . This alloy was considered equal to ordinary silver, from which money was then made. Such a pound sterling was used for large purchases.

The second version says that silver, in which there were only 8% of impurities, was produced in the Sterling region in Saxony (Germany) from the 11th century. From this subject and went name. Coins, which were issued in the northern region of the country, were used for settlement with England during the allied actions. The then ruler of the country liked these strong coins so much that he soon put them into use. Actually, two versions of the origin of the name of the metal flow from each other.

925 sterling silver

Sterling metal is popular because it consists of 92.5% pure silver, and only 7.5% copper is copper. The alloy under consideration is very difficult to melt, since it requires a certain temperature and special aging. But, the metal, as a result, becomes very durable, high-quality, has a long service life. In the middle Ages, such coins were used for trading.

The difference between ordinary silver and sterling

What makes silver familiar to everyone different from what is being considered? Precious metal, due to hydrogen sulfide, which is in the air, becomes dull. It is the loss of beauty due to tarnishing that is considered the main disadvantage of jewelry made of noble substances. But sterling silver does not have this flaw. The fact is that the smaller the copper in the alloy, the less susceptible it is to the effect of sulfur compounds.

Since the usual noble metal is soft and ductile, only jewelry is made from it, and is not used in the manufacture of dishes and interior objects. Therefore, all expensive silver sets of dishes, coins are made of sterling metal. As you can see, it is easy to distinguish it from the usual, if it is not decoration.

How to store and care for the product

Basic tips for the proper care of sterling silver:

The place of storage should be a dark and dry place to eliminate the risk of sun falling on the metal surface (it darkens from it);

Although products made of sterling silver do not lose their attractiveness for a long time, it is not always possible to follow all the rules for their storage. If the metal is darkened, you should clean it with a soft cloth soaked in a coin cleaning liquid (you can buy it at the household chemicals store).

In no case can mechanical cleaning be performed, it will only scratch the surface of the product;

When a special liquid does not help, a solution consisting of hydrogen peroxide, liquid ammonia and tooth powder should be made. After the execution, you must wipe the metal with a clean, dry cloth.

Men’s silver bangle bracelets, clips for ties, money, signet rings, belt buckles are created in many styles and are accessories for a modern wardrobe.

New gift options have appeared to mark retirement, promotion or simply say “I love you”: combs and brushes, engraved key rings, lighters, flasks, pocket knives, desk stationery, travel clocks, even men’s silver dials. Romantic bracelet for your fiance.

A carefully selected accessory from sterling is a memory of emotions, events, events. Nobody will forget such a gift.

Impact on tradition

From the dawn of civilization, people were bewitched by the spells and glitter of mystical white metal. For centuries it has been used to designate historical milestones, celebrations, achievements, and special occasions. No one will say with confidence when the gift from this element was first presented. Ambassadors from the island of Crete in 3100 BC They brought silver vases as an offering to the Egyptian rulers.

The popularity of metal influenced languages ​​and customs. The silver spoon began to symbolize amazing luck and privileges from the 17th century, when the Spanish writer Cervantes deftly remarked that “not all people are born with her mouth.” The tradition of “silver jubilee” takes its origins in Germany, where it was decided to give a sterling wreath to a woman after 25 years of marriage.

Favorite material for creative and innovative modern bracelet designers, because of its availability and malleability, is silver. Men’s jewelry is mostly made from it. Virtually any shape can be given to this metal. A special gift from sterling is a touching expression of love, friendship, celebration or gratitude.

Jewels for him

Men’s silver bracelets can be the final sign of trust and difference. It’s a wonderful gift for everyone but once exclusively for nobles. Sterling cufflinks, in traditional geometric forms or thematic styles with images, with stones – are required for any man. Decoration should place accents, but not be a central part of the look. For most men, buying this precious metal is a tempting option. It complements the various skin tones, blends in with the casual and official style.

Silver bracelets on hand create an amazing addition to clothes. They are simple, elegant. Silver is perceived as gray, neutral, functionally outside the color wheel, on a gradient from black to white. It does not provide an attractive contrast that gold gives.

It is said that a clock and a wedding ring are sufficient for the stronger sex. However, fashion trends are constantly changing. Wearing bracelets for men has become acceptable. Silver bracelets are versatile; they can be an amazing touch to formal and casual wear.

What to look for when choosing. Before touching on the issues of taste and style, think about what is best for you. The size, size of sections, beads carry value.When choosing men’s bracelets on hand, considers the structure of the joint of the hand. Knowing the width of the bone, determine which one to choose: narrow, massive, laconic, and extravagant.

When buying jewelry, evaluate the quality of the design. Inspect carefully fasteners, fasteners. Hinges, locks must be securely fastened and function properly. Fasten easily, safely.

How to determine wrist size?

Try to connect the thumb and index fingers, clasping the opposite. If the fingers touch each other lightly, then the wrist is narrow. Medium – if barely touched. Wide – fingers cannot be connected, between them there is free space. For small male wrists, it is advisable to choose a sleek double silver bracelet. Braided from laces, in the Byzantine style with short links will not work.

What are the samples of silver?

The element is naturally found in the ground, is considered in its pure form too soft for practical use in jewelry or cutlery. Commonly used alloy with copper.