How Balance Bracelets Work And Why Are They Popular

Balance Bracelet, How to work with it properly

Power Balance bracelets appeared on the market not particularly long ago, but they have already managed to divide people according to reviews on two fronts, some enjoy using the bracelet in everyday life, others are extremely skeptical of them and consider them pseudo, scientific. If you belong to the first category of people or just want to try what it is, you will be interested to learn about these bracelets a little more. Here you can find how do balance bracelets work.

Bracelet Features

Before you figure out how much to wear Power Balance, how to wear this bracelet to match your outfit and so on, you need to understand what is interesting about this device, what are its main characteristics and so on.

At its core, this is a bracelet, which is made of silicone and has two holograms at its core. Why precisely from silicone? Because it is a special medical silicone that does not cause allergies, has no contraindications, and does not provoke irritations and other skin problems. The hologram is the main part of the bracelet. It is the hologram that launches it into action, and does it at a distance of 6 cm. You put on a bracelet, after which you feel a surge of energy and improvement of your own condition

How to pick up

It is important not only to understand how to wear Power Balance, it is important to understand and how to choose it. There are two main selection criteria, size and color. These characteristics will not affect the overall effect of the Power Balance bracelet, but they can affect the wearing comfort drastically, but you do not want something that should improve your condition, bring you discomfort or not fit with your style.

How to wear

We turn to the main part, after you bought Power Balance, how to carry it properly is very important to understand. Here it is important to adhere to several basic principles,

  • It doesn’t matter which arm you wear the effects will be the same.
  • You can wear bracelets at least in the pool, even during your active activities; do not be afraid to damage the device.
  • If you wear a device with a watch, wear it so that it does not fit each other.
  • If you bought Power Balance, but do not know how much to wear it, then everything is simple , there are no serious restrictions, you can wear it every day, moreover, it is recommended to improve the effect on the body.

There is nothing problematic in dealing with Power Balance, how to wear it and what to expect from it, but if you still cannot understand it. you can always find a video with instructions. Reading or hearing reviews from people who are personally acquainted with the power balance bracelet will also not be superfluous.


Reviews, as mentioned earlier, on these bracelets vary greatly. Some people note a positive effect on the body, while others attribute this positive effect to the placebo effect, because there is still no scientific confirmation of the work of bracelets. But, whatever the cause of the impact, even if it is a placebo, the effect, not the cause, is important; therefore these bracelets are so popular among the population.


The bracelet will serve you for at least three years, so do not take care of it like the apple of an eye, on the contrary, more often arrange active attacks with it. The impact of the bracelet in conjunction with other accessories has not yet been studied, so combine it with other jewelry at your own risk.

The Power Balance bracelet is another new product offered by American manufacturers of beauty and health products. Like all innovative things, it has many amazing advantages,

  • Bracelet replenishes energy spent by a person and heals.
  • If you don’t feel a change for the better for yourself, then you certainly won’t be able to harm your health, because not taken as a pill inside and not applied externally as an ointment.
  • Bracelet Power Balance looks beautiful and stylish in sports.
  • Very easy to use, enough to wear an item on the wrist, and more.

Let’s try to more fully appreciate the beauty of the Power Balance in this review.

Where to buy a Balance bracelet?

The original bracelet can be ordered through the official website of bracelet sellers. The price, in USA is 1,690 dollars onwards. For alluring and tantalizing bracelet collection visit

What is a silicone bracelet Power Balance?

It looks like a stylish item on the wrist. There are many variants of its execution, as different colors, sizes, so different in design. The main thing in this product is a holographic disk. The manufacturer claims that it encloses the energy technology of the embedded waves.

What does this mean? Special technology called Performance Technology was developed in America in 2007. This invention was secret and applied exclusively to athletes. This allowed them to quickly replenish the energy expended in wrestling and achieve the best results. The developers, Josh and Troy Rodremel, argue that all power is in properly selected mineral stones, a kind of symbiosis of innovation and natural resources. Enclosed in a silicone shell and interacting with the human body, in the form of the finest polyester holograms, they regulate and normalize your energy field, making life much easier for the wearer.

The beneficial effect of Power Balance on the body is manifested in maintaining health and getting rid of ailments (even chronic), create the right balance of energies, will not allow stress and depressive effects. Those who are afraid of new products, and are waiting for their approbation on other members of society, report, such celebrities as footballers Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, actors Robert De Niro and Leonardo Di Caprio, our hockey player Ovechkin, and many well-known people are seen in Power Balance accessories.

Cozy Winter Onesies That Will Make Everyone Jealous

Keeping the baby warm is very important, as is his sensible cooling. To maintain the ideal temperature at different times of the year, we recommend purchasing several sets of pajamas with and without sleeves, with pants and shorts. At the same time pay attention to the fabric. It is necessary to find a balance between warmth and convenience, for this, try to choose the most natural fabrics. In short, find the perfect trendy onesies. This guide, with respect to the style and color patterns, also applies to adults who opt to use onesies for outdoor running. These are just some of the things you need to know about onesies.

The size

Comfort and convenience are the main thing in choosing any clothes for a child, including pajamas for sleeping. Make sure you buy the onesie with right baby size. Too narrow clothes will squeeze the skin, interfere with free movement. Too large and spacious pajamas are also fraught with inconvenience: the child may become entangled in her, or she will fall off, which will also affect freedom of movement and quality sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to buy pajamas only 1-2 sizes larger so as not to have to buy clothes too often due to the intensive growth of children.

In order to sleep was comfortable take care of two more things. The first is the quality of the fastener. Poor-quality buttons cause a lot of anxiety they may rust or break out. We do not recommend buttons for small children. It’s hard to fingers to cope with them. Also pay attention to the lightning they can injure the child with careless use, as well as at low temperatures become cold, which is unpleasant for the skin. The second is elastic bands on the sleeves, waistband and legs: they will be uncomfortable if they are too tight or narrow.


For a child of two years old, the style and appearance of things matter, so find out his preferences and consult. Girls more often choose decor, ruffles, and applications. As a parent, check that the clothes contain a minimum of long ribbons, bows and other bulky inserts they will restrict freedom of movement and interfere. For a cuter appearance, look for some animal or fruit onesies of good quality. If your child is into cartoons, try this Sabrina character onesie, who is a witch. Great onesie design for Halloween.

Colors and patterns

Listen to the desires and interests of the child. Pastel colors and unobtrusive drawings will help him calm down and fall asleep faster. Pay attention to the quality of the product and the accuracy of decorative parts, etc. Avoid screaming and aggressive ornaments that excite the psyche of the child. You can find the perfect color of onesies for your children at


To protect your baby from poor-quality clothing, check the material and ask in stores, even large ones, about quality certificates. Only this way you guarantee the absence of dyes and toxic materials in the product. It is important to evaluate the simplicity and ease of use for the child himself. Can he put on his pajamas? Check whether the front and back of the product are different: it will not get confused and will facilitate dressing. Pay attention to small details such as beads, sequins, stickers, applications, etc. There should be a minimum number of them and they should be firmly attached to their pajamas.

Pajamas every day

An important element in the evening ritual of preparing for bed is dressing up with adult onesies. Try to teach your child to change into pajamas every evening, and then sleep at the same time will become a habit for him. Do not put pressure on the baby and force him: remember, the habit is formed by repeated repetitions over a long time. Turn it into a fun and enjoyable onesie wearing game, and little by little the child will want to perform his own ritual. The role of pajamas in creating a recurring pattern of behavior is equally important for its hygienic function.

Pajamas for children under 1 year

To make the child feel comfortable during sleep, he needs pajamas even from the first days of life. The choice for newborn babies is not very diverse, but you can find the model that onesies your baby. Most often there are pajamas-envelopes with sleeves in the upper part.

Another popular option is pajamas, onesies for children. For babies, they are sewn with closed feet and without a hood.

Pajamas for girls

Both girls and boys are happy to dress in pajamas for children. Kits can be made up of shirts and pants, which in the warm season are replaced by shorts. Also for use in the summer it is recommended to buy pajamas for girls for knitwear or cotton. For the winter cold, fleece onesies, from warmed knitwear and flannel pajamas for children are perfect.

Pajamas-onesies are especially comfortable. These are fashionable and aesthetically pleasing onesies, so that the little fashionista will definitely find something to his taste. And parents will appreciate the convenience of pajamas to use, because on such products, as a rule, there is no decor, buttons and read the details that hinder children.

The girl is easy to teach to femininity, if you give her a nightgown. Decorated with laces, bows and ruffles, she so much resembles an adult mother’s shirt and makes the girl feel like a real princess.

What pajamas to choose for boys

Pajamas for boys often vary in color like blue, gray these are the most popular shades of boys’ onesies. At the same time, you need to be attentive with dark shades, such as black, dark blue, because the fragile children’s psyche can react negatively to such tones, and the child will be scared and tense.

Fabric for such children’s products depends on the season and temperature conditions. Knitwear, flannel, fleece and cotton are perfect. Warm pants and shirts are used for cool temperatures, and in warm weather, shorts and a soft, loose t-shirt, shirt or t-shirt are preferred.

Pajamas for children in kindergarten

It is possible to make a quiet hour for your child a little unloved in childhood, if it puts on cozy, beautiful and beloved pajamas. For kindergarten, try to choose the most comfortable to use and change model, because children often dress independently. The most practical option would be two-piece pajamas from a comfortable sweater (shirt) and pants. It is better to purchase several such sets. We also advise, as at home, to separate the sets into warm and light. In the cold, the best to get warm pajamas with insulating fleece, long sleeves on a onesies and pants. In the warm season, choose pajamas in which the child does not overheat during sleep, for example, from cotton. Kit is better to make and t-shirts and shorts.

DIY Nesting Dolls That Will Improve Your Craft

The gift in the form of a doll has a very long history, by which one can trace the evolution of this toy. Adventurous parents, in order to entertain the child, made a figurine from a bunch of simple straw, more skillful – hollowed out pieces of wood, and talented – also painted it with improvised paints. Over time, hand-made dolls made of wood and painted dolls took up a whole new trend in the national craft industry. To date, such a Russian doll has become a truly artistic work, thanks to the fine and painstaking work of the masters. That is why, choosing a decent souvenir, often opt for handmade dolls.

Huge selection – search convenience

In the online store of Russian souvenirs for themselves will find an attractive little thing and avid collectors, and those who need a beautiful and meaningful gift. Handmade dolls are interesting in a variety of designs:

  • wooden dolls;
  • porcelain dolls;
  • Dymkovo pupae;
  • Kovrov pupae;
  • gift dolls.

Although, each of them can be a gift. It all depends on taste and preferences. Give your child a bright twelve centimeter baby and see how happy his eyes will shine.

Russian doll – sincerity

In the handmade wooden doll, the natural energy accumulated by the wood and the spiritual warmth invested by the craftsmen in the toy during its manufacture are combined. Due to this, painted pupae so attract the eye, cause positive emotions and a desire not to part with them.

The Russian doll demonstrates the skill and talent of folk craftsmen who are able to create a living, bright and unique beauty from a piece of wood and paint. The painted kokoshnik and sundress are characteristic details of the national costume, transforming into a Russian doll souvenir.

Presented in the catalog Russian wooden dolls will be a good gift for a variety of occasions:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • New Year
  • meeting guests from abroad
  • A visit to a familiar collector

In addition, the range of Russian dolls allows you to make an original gift. For example, at the end of kindergarten, a child can be given a colorful pupa as a souvenir. And to the chief, the avid hunter to present a picturesque figure of a bear. Your gift will undoubtedly bring joy and smiles, followed by happiness and luck. You can find that perfect gift of nesting dolls that everyone will love at

The soul of the culture of the Russian people is reflected in wooden toys

Which are made mainly in such territorial zones of Russia as the Volga region, the Moscow region and the North.

Wooden toys not only symbolize the kindness and amazing warmth of the culture of the ancient Russian people, but are also made of environmentally friendly material. Tactile sensations from wooden toys have preventive properties, as well as the essential oils contained in the layers of wood? have a therapeutic effect and have a beneficial effect not only on the child who plays with this thing, but also on the atmosphere of the apartment, by evaporating the wood.

The symbol of Russia is the nested doll

Nesting dolls were made by artistic cutting from such types of wood as birch and linden, and then painted in bright colors. When creating a set of this toy formed whole families.

The painting of dolls both in our and in former times was distinguished by the brightness of colors and the vividness of life.

In the history of Russian folk art crafts, the dimensions of wooden toys were not limited to miniature products, as evidenced by the children’s rocking horses in the shape of a horse attached to arc-shaped wooden slats.

Bogorodskoye, the village famous for doll woodcarvers, which subtly sensed the era, invent toys that convey images of people and animals, thereby reflecting the urban and rural life. Bogorodsk masters to this day continue their work, creating wooden toys, preserving the technology of artistic folk crafts. There is an opinion that a joyful childhood is the key to harmony for later life, with what wooden toys that embody the ancient culture of Russia will help us.

The Featurer of the Doll

The doll is one of the first toys of antiquity. But time does not affect her: she is still loved by both children and adults.

The folk doll embodies in its image the characteristic features of the people who created it – this is the main value of the ancient doll. An ancient doll at first glance is simple and unpretentious. But in this seeming simplicity many secrets and mysteries are hidden.

  • In ancient times, the dolls also served as ritual symbols and amulets. It was believed that they protected the person from evil forces and diseases, brought rich harvests, well-being, happiness.
  • Wooden dolls are close to the traditions of pagan culture, they resemble wooden idols.
  • In Moscow, the largest production of wooden toys was SergievPosad. As early as the 15th century in the Trinity-SergiusLavra monks was engaged in wood turning and carving on it.
  • According to legend, the first wooden toys in the Lavra were made by the abbot himself, Sergius of Radonezh, and gave them to the children of pilgrims.
  • Toys from the Trinity Monastery were also brought to the royal court. At one time, toys that amused peasant and royal children, came out of the same workshops.
  • Wooden dolls were made of triangular logs. If they were intended to protect, then they were not cut facial features.
  • In the northern regions of Russia up to the 19th century, the Old Russian way of life and the early ways of wood processing were built. There were the most ancient wooden toys – punks. The word punk comes from the word pung, meaning stem, root.

These toys were made from a single piece of wood. Presumably, they were the descendants of the wooden gods, who were in every house in Ancient Russia.

One of the features of punks is the sketchiness of their forms. They were meant for small children. Looking at this toy, the kid fantasized. For example, an image of a horse one day was seen by him as a heroic horse, on another a simple peasant horse.

Punk doll girls were dressed up in clothes with elements of folk costumes.

Ancient punk dolls also served as charms. In such cases, the features of the face were not cut out, or only slightly outlined, so that evil spirits could not dwell in them.

Nowadays, wooden pitches are made by Igor AleksandrovichSapunkov, master of a wooden turning toy. He lives near Rostov the Great. In his work on making toys his wife Irina helps.

The wooden men of Sapunkov are not similar to each other: each of them has an individual look, in each toy the masters put a piece of spiritual warmth and love for the folk traditions.

9 Great Gift Ideas for DJs

Unsure what to get the DJ in your life? Whether you need something for a beginner or a long-time player, Musician’s Friend has what you need. While this article only focuses on 9 pieces of gear, take some time to check out our DJ gifts collection. If you’re still having trouble deciding on the perfect gift, Musician’s Friend offers gift certificates, deliverable via mail or e-mail.

SERATO 12 Inch Control Vinyl – Performance Series – Glow in the Dark

For the Serato-based DJ, we present this pack of two glow in the dark 12″ control records. Whether DJ’ing at home or at a gig, you’re going to want a cool setup and nothing says “vibe” like two glowing records spinning around. These Serato Control Vinyl packs are available in a variety of different styles.

Shure M44-7 Competition DJ Cartridge

Shure’s M44-7 is a great cartridge choice for performing DJs. Designed with turntablism in mind, this cartridge offers powerful bass and unmatched skip resistance. With ultra-low record wear, DJs can feel comfortable using this cartridge night after night.

Glowtronics Solid Black Out

If you’re a DJ, you need a slipmat for your turntable. The Glowtronics Solid Black Out is a professional-grade slipmat, designed with a specially glazed bottom surface, now an industry standard. Made with high-grade 16 ounce felt material, this pair of slipmats will offer the performance you need as you put your decks to work.

Magma Cases DJ Riot Backpack XL

A fantastic gift for the gigging DJ, the Magma Cases DJ Riot Backpack XL is designed with DJ gear in mind. Capable of carrying a mixer like the Rane Sixty Two or a controller like the Traktor Kontrol S4, plus a laptop and accessories, this backpack offers all the flexibility you’ll need to get your gear where the gig is.

With a fully waterproof shell and zippers, the Magma Cases DJ Riot Backpack XL is made entirely from PVC Tarpaulin, a very strong material. Generous internal storage, and a separate, padded 17″ laptop compartment means gear will stay safe inside.

Roland DJ-202 Serato DJ Controller

The affordable Roland DJ-202 Serato Controller is a great entry-level choice for a budding DJ. Packed with the features and layout of higher priced professional grade controllers, the USB-powered mixer offers a lightweight, compact design for grab and go portability.

The DJ-202 is designed to offer seamless Serato integration and performance, and with its plug-and-play performance, even novice DJs will be spinning and scratching in no time. In addition to its intuitive control surface, DJ-202 features classic Roland TR drum machine sounds including Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hats and more. With a built-in 1/4″ mic input, on-board reverb and FX and more, the DJ-202 really is the perfect gift for the beginner DJ in your life.

Pioneer DJM-S9 2-Channel Battle Mixer for Serato DJ

Designed for use with Serato DJ, the pro-grade Pioneer DJM-S9 mixer is loaded with all the features a professional DJ needs. The fully customizable Magvel Fader Pro has multiple options for a variety of different styles, while 16 performance pads (8 per channel) give quick access to cues, samples and more. Even better? DJM-S9 features a number of buttons that can be mapped to Serato’s effects, the perfect complement to the S9’s built-in effects.

With great feel, professional features and eye-catching good looks, the DJM-S9 mixer from Pioneer is a fantastic choice for grabbing complete control of Serato DJ.

Pioneer PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable

Pioneer DJ’s PLX-500 Direct-Drive Turntable is a high-torque, scratching-friendly deck that offers high-quality analog sound. Shipping with a cartridge, stylus and slipmat, the PLX-500 is ready to go right out of the box. The full complement of outputs include phono, line and USB, allowing you to hook up the PLX-500 with your PA system, mixer or computer of choice.

The PLX-500 also ships with a dust cover and record sleeve stand so you can display your record sleeves while you scratch.

Silver Bracelets: The most in trend jewelry

Sterling Silver Bracelets are one of the most popular metals in the world, discovered in antiquity. Centuries ago, it was worth more than gold, since pure silver metal alloy was valued in the market because of its rarity. But, over time, people began to dilute the substance with other impurities. Therefore, now there are enough samples of this substance.

Where did the name “sterling silver” come from, what is it? There are the following versions of the origin of the name. According to the first, the metal was so named because of the pound sterling, which was used in everyday life in the middle Ages. In the middle of the 12th century, the king of England, Heinrich 8, issued a decree according to which a coin made of 925 sterling silver came into use . This alloy was considered equal to ordinary silver, from which money was then made. Such a pound sterling was used for large purchases.

The second version says that silver, in which there were only 8% of impurities, was produced in the Sterling region in Saxony (Germany) from the 11th century. From this subject and went name. Coins, which were issued in the northern region of the country, were used for settlement with England during the allied actions. The then ruler of the country liked these strong coins so much that he soon put them into use. Actually, two versions of the origin of the name of the metal flow from each other.

925 sterling silver

Sterling metal is popular because it consists of 92.5% pure silver, and only 7.5% copper is copper. The alloy under consideration is very difficult to melt, since it requires a certain temperature and special aging. But, the metal, as a result, becomes very durable, high-quality, has a long service life. In the middle Ages, such coins were used for trading.

The difference between ordinary silver and sterling

What makes silver familiar to everyone different from what is being considered? Precious metal, due to hydrogen sulfide, which is in the air, becomes dull. It is the loss of beauty due to tarnishing that is considered the main disadvantage of jewelry made of noble substances. But sterling silver does not have this flaw. The fact is that the smaller the copper in the alloy, the less susceptible it is to the effect of sulfur compounds.

Since the usual noble metal is soft and ductile, only jewelry is made from it, and is not used in the manufacture of dishes and interior objects. Therefore, all expensive silver sets of dishes, coins are made of sterling metal. As you can see, it is easy to distinguish it from the usual, if it is not decoration.

How to store and care for the product

Basic tips for the proper care of sterling silver:

The place of storage should be a dark and dry place to eliminate the risk of sun falling on the metal surface (it darkens from it);

Although products made of sterling silver do not lose their attractiveness for a long time, it is not always possible to follow all the rules for their storage. If the metal is darkened, you should clean it with a soft cloth soaked in a coin cleaning liquid (you can buy it at the household chemicals store).

In no case can mechanical cleaning be performed, it will only scratch the surface of the product;

When a special liquid does not help, a solution consisting of hydrogen peroxide, liquid ammonia and tooth powder should be made. After the execution, you must wipe the metal with a clean, dry cloth.

Men’s silver bangle bracelets, clips for ties, money, signet rings, belt buckles are created in many styles and are accessories for a modern wardrobe.

New gift options have appeared to mark retirement, promotion or simply say “I love you”: combs and brushes, engraved key rings, lighters, flasks, pocket knives, desk stationery, travel clocks, even men’s silver dials. Romantic bracelet for your fiance.

A carefully selected accessory from sterling is a memory of emotions, events, events. Nobody will forget such a gift.

Impact on tradition

From the dawn of civilization, people were bewitched by the spells and glitter of mystical white metal. For centuries it has been used to designate historical milestones, celebrations, achievements, and special occasions. No one will say with confidence when the gift from this element was first presented. Ambassadors from the island of Crete in 3100 BC They brought silver vases as an offering to the Egyptian rulers.

The popularity of metal influenced languages ​​and customs. The silver spoon began to symbolize amazing luck and privileges from the 17th century, when the Spanish writer Cervantes deftly remarked that “not all people are born with her mouth.” The tradition of “silver jubilee” takes its origins in Germany, where it was decided to give a sterling wreath to a woman after 25 years of marriage.

Favorite material for creative and innovative modern bracelet designers, because of its availability and malleability, is silver. Men’s jewelry is mostly made from it. Virtually any shape can be given to this metal. A special gift from sterling is a touching expression of love, friendship, celebration or gratitude.

Jewels for him

Men’s silver bracelets can be the final sign of trust and difference. It’s a wonderful gift for everyone but once exclusively for nobles. Sterling cufflinks, in traditional geometric forms or thematic styles with images, with stones – are required for any man. Decoration should place accents, but not be a central part of the look. For most men, buying this precious metal is a tempting option. It complements the various skin tones, blends in with the casual and official style.

Silver bracelets on hand create an amazing addition to clothes. They are simple, elegant. Silver is perceived as gray, neutral, functionally outside the color wheel, on a gradient from black to white. It does not provide an attractive contrast that gold gives.

It is said that a clock and a wedding ring are sufficient for the stronger sex. However, fashion trends are constantly changing. Wearing bracelets for men has become acceptable. Silver bracelets are versatile; they can be an amazing touch to formal and casual wear.

What to look for when choosing. Before touching on the issues of taste and style, think about what is best for you. The size, size of sections, beads carry value.When choosing men’s bracelets on hand, considers the structure of the joint of the hand. Knowing the width of the bone, determine which one to choose: narrow, massive, laconic, and extravagant.

When buying jewelry, evaluate the quality of the design. Inspect carefully fasteners, fasteners. Hinges, locks must be securely fastened and function properly. Fasten easily, safely.

How to determine wrist size?

Try to connect the thumb and index fingers, clasping the opposite. If the fingers touch each other lightly, then the wrist is narrow. Medium – if barely touched. Wide – fingers cannot be connected, between them there is free space. For small male wrists, it is advisable to choose a sleek double silver bracelet. Braided from laces, in the Byzantine style with short links will not work.

What are the samples of silver?

The element is naturally found in the ground, is considered in its pure form too soft for practical use in jewelry or cutlery. Commonly used alloy with copper.

Gift Ideas for the DJ in Your Life (Or For Yourself)

With the holidays just around the corner, you might find yourself in need of a gift for that special DJ, producer or musician in your life. Or maybe you just need a few ideas for your own wish list. Whichever the case may be, we’ve compiled a list of the best gift ideas to spark some inspiration and help you out this gift-giving season.

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Laptop Stand

One of the most overlooked but important items for a DJ is a proper laptop stand. Buying a sturdy, new laptop stand for a DJ, where they can also display fighting squishies on top of it, won’t go unappreciated. Even if they already have one as their primary stand, extra stands always come in handy for propping up other equipment like CDJs, controllers or samplers. Check out some popular solutions from Crane Pro Audio.

Ableton Live 10 Software

Music production software, Ableton Live is offering 20% on Live 9 with a free upgrade to Live 10 (to be released in early 2018.) It comes in three editions and price levels: Intro, Standard and Suite. Live 10 will introduce new instruments, effects, and an expanded sound library.

Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is a great gift for DJs who are on the road often, or even for anyone who loves to travel. Check out this comprehensive list from Travel + Leisure — it’s sure to have an option for any kind of sleeper.

Serato Control Vinyl and Software

Serato is a leading software for professional DJs and musicians, and for a limited time, you can buy their Control Vinyl and full software suite for 50% off. Run, don’t walk.


A great pair of headphones is an essential tool for any DJ or producer. They can vary in price, style and quality. If you’re not quite sure which headphones are the best choice, check out our helpful article on this year’s best new headphones. And don’t forget a gift receipt so they can make exchanges if necessary!

DJ Gear Skins

12InchSkinz will completely customize DJ gear and equipment with names, logos and colors. What better way for a DJ to express themselves?

Vinyl Cleaning Kit

The vinyl DJ or audiophile in your life will love a professional cleaning kit to keep their records sounding great. A quality kit will include a record cleaning brush and a stylus cleaning brush, as well as anti-static cleaning solution and a soft, lint-free cleaning pad or cloth.

Roland DJ-202 Controller

Roland and Roland Boutique have released some great products this year. We could easily add more than one to our wish list. One of our favorites is the DJ-202 Serato DJ controller with features and layout of a full-size professional controller in a lightweight and portable unit. And the best part – for a limited time, when you purchase a Roland DJ-202 controller, you’ll receive a free 90-day BPM Supreme Standard membership!

Printed Tees

T-shirts are the standard DJ uniform – and you can’t go wrong with a fun print. We really like the one below, but just make sure they have a sense of humor before gifting this one! There are plenty of options to choose from – find the one that’s perfect for the DJ in your life.


If you hang around the electronic music scene long enough, there is a very high chance that you’ve inevitably become friends with some aspiring DJs or even some producers who are rising stars. With the holiday season here already, we’ve found some great gifts for the DJ or producer in your life that they’ll surely love!

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Start them off with the perfect controller as they launch their career as a DJ!

Has your friend expressed interest in starting their career as a DJ but doesn’t have a controller yet? If you’re looking to get them a solid gift for this holiday season then that may be the perfect gift!

Kick off their career with the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2, which supports Serato and features jog-wheel tension that is similar to CDJs so they won’t be too lost when taking the stage at a club. If they already use Rekordbox you can grab the DDJ-RB model instead!

Additionally, if Traktor is the system that they want to live within a solid pick there would be the Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller. Coming in at $400 it is still a budget pick for those who reside within the Native Instruments family.

A mid-level controller to upgrade their setup and get them into the groove!

Has your friend who DJs been using some old, outdated equipment lately? Want to get them to the next level of DJing? Getting them a mid-level controller would be a perfect choice this holiday season!

Pictured above, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 is a great choice for artists who are currently using Serato and is the next step up from the previously mentioned DDJ-SB2. Those who are using Rekordbox will want to make the jump to DDJ-RR instead, as it exclusively uses that management program.

Already living in the Native Instruments World? Upgrade their experience by jumping from the starter Kontrol S2 to the sleek Kontrol S4 MK2 which will run in the same price range as the Pioneer setups at $700.

Help them hear their bangers with a pair of quality studio monitors!

Nothing is worse than producing a track from your laptop only to listen to it on a pair of quality speakers and find out it sounds like trash. Your friend who DJs will thank you tremendously once you get them a pair of monitors for their bedroom studio that will let them hear every sound, crisp and clean as ever. The pair of Pioneer DJ DM-40 pictured above is a great, affordable start at only $129.

If you’re looking for some monitors that are a bit more on the high end, we recommend grabbing the KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitors for an extra added punch of sound quality. This pair of monitors comes highly recommended, and while it will effectively double the price at $300, the DJ in your life will be thanking you for them for some time to come!

Headphones for the studio and when they’re behind the decks are important!

The number one accessory that nearly every DJ we have spoken with needs is a pair of quality headphones. Whether they are on stage performing or in the studio recording new beats, these are a crucial element to their careers. Normally at $150 but currently slashed down to $99, we highly recommend grabbing a pair of these Shure SRH750DJ Headphones. Not only is the sound quality fantastic, but they also feature a 50mm neodymium driver that is optimized for DJ mixing.

Not “shure” you want to grab those headphones? We also recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x which are great for in-studio work and come with a carrying case at a solid price of $148. Additionally, the Sony MDR7506‘s are at an unreal price right now at just $79.99 with qualifying orders.

Extra earplugs are the gift that keeps on giving to protect their hearing long-term!

Whether you’re attending shows or behind the decks, it is highly important that your hearing is protected in loud environments. Give the gift of hearing protection to your favorite DJ and show them how important their safety is to you.

For those looking to purchase good quality earplugs at a reasonable price, we recommend EarPeace. If you’re looking for something with a bit more protection, we love ACS Customs, and so do many artists like Armin van Buuren, ZEDD, Deadmau5, and more.

At a slightly lower price point, Etymotics are the perfect stocking stuffer if you’re short on cash. They are a bit pricier, but will keep your hearing protected for years to come!

Give them a quality backpack to carry their gear to gigs and while on tour!

Traveling long distances and playing gig after gig means that DJs need to be able to carry their crucial gear in a convenient fashion. Giving the artist plenty of pockets for everything from their laptop to headphones, the Odyssey Backspin 2 is a great choice for the DJ on the go.

Another great pick for the DJ who is in dire need of a new backpack would be the SlappaMask Jedi. This bag is both “checkpoint friendly” and features a strong outer material so that the contents inside are safe and sound. Also, pick the proper backpack where they can put their foldable mattress along with flashlights for emergency rest. It’s a long night, my friend.